Glass staircases

An EeStairs® glass staircase design adds an air of exclusivity and design elegance to any setting. Whether in a commercial or industrial building, or a modern home interior. The sleek and clean lines of glass treads create a look that gets noticed. At EeStairs we combine our glass treads with other materials like stainless steel to create walkways that are truly eye-catching. Like in an elegant glass spiral staircase.

The EeStairs® LongLast solution protects the glass staircase, ensuring they remain non-slip, durable and safe glass staircases. Our glass steps also feature a diffused surface, providing privacy from any prying eyes below. EeStairs can produce glass stairs with or without a glass railing in any style or glass staircase design. The transparent nature of the glass staircases makes it possible to incorporate a picture or logo in the steps or on landings, perfect for commercial applications. LED lighting can also be incorporated in the glass staircase illuminating the steps, thus reinforcing the unique character of every design: stylish and bold.