EeStairs + Hospitality

The key aim in any design for buildings and interiors in the hospitality sector is to convey an immediate sense of welcome and enjoyment, and do so with a design style that creates a particular atmosphere. Designers are well aware that feature stairs can be crucial in providing visually gripping focal-points – in reception areas, for example, or atriums.

As a result, feature stairs in settings such as hotels or restaurants are subject to constant use, and particularly close scrutiny. They have to make sense architecturally, so it’s vital that design details such as soffits, handrails, and challenging radiuses or glazing channels are executed perfectly.

To ensure this, EeStairs always collaborates closely with hospitality sector designers. This establishes, at the earliest possible stage, the best and most cost-controlled solutions to the selection of stair materials and accurate fabrication in the EeStairs factory. And we’re pleased to give designers and specifiers direct access to the EeStairs materials library to help them assess potential combinations, or to develop moodboards.

Our hospitality sector case studies provide ample evidence of our culture of excellence and innovation.

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